Suvorova & Partners / Executive search in Russia and CIS.
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Olga Suvorova and her organization have recently completed a difficult search assignment for Harmonic.  We had some initial concerns giving them the assignment as our market and potential candidate pool is very specialized and limited.  Suvorova & Partners had never worked in our “space”.  Additionally we had a very short window of time for completion of the search.  Olga and her team identified 5 very qualified candidates in very timely manner and we were able to close within a matter of weeks from the initial assignment.

Olga was very proactive in written and verbal communications and kept all parties informed.  This was our first hire in Russia and Olga helped in a variety of areas from what is customary employment practice, legal requirements, general tax implications, as well as reffered us to an attorney to structure the formal employment agreement. 

I would highly recommend “Suvorova & Partners” for all difficult search assignments.

Bob Tatar,
Director of Staffing, Harmonic Inc. USA

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